Travel stories

With Dugme around Triglav

16/04/2020 Slovenia
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We drove in a 30 years old campervan for an six days around Triglav National Park as we explored the wonders of nature along the way.

Exploring the nature in the Bled area

16/04/2020 Slovenia
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Bled is one of the most know locations in Slovenia, but the whole area is one beautiful gem of nature.

The guy

13/04/2020 Slovenia
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Are you the “guy” like this one? Sometimes when I hike in the mountains I met interesting people, mostly hikers with whom I exchange a few words.

Autumn on the most beautiful mountain in Slavonia

27/12/2019 Croatia
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The plan for this few days was go and check all the creaks which I thought had a good chance of having interesting spots. But since nothing in life happens as it was planned so this didn’t as well.

All that shines is not gold

20/07/2019 Kazakhstan
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In the last part of Kazakhstan story lets explore some incredible dishes and a little bit less shiny party of life in Kazakhstan.

In the land of Kazakhs

13/07/2019 Kazakhstan
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I think that I manage to break the image of Kazakhstan as a country of “Borat” and that…

In the land of Borat – NAAT!

18/11/2018 Kazakhstan
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Kazakhstan interested me a lot in Borat’s movie, but I couldn’t imagine that I will ever visit Kazakhstan, or even better, to live there for a year and three months.

National Park Kornati

18/11/2018 Croatia
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Although this was a short one-day trip to Kornati islands, there is much more to see on this secluded islands in the Adriatic sea.

Dugi otok

14/10/2018 Croatia
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Most of the popular island is very crowded in the main season and as well in the postseason, but after some research, I found the Dugi otok or as it can be translated to Long island.