It would be a shame to be on the Dugi otok and not to visit National Park Kornati since it is very close and a lot of one day excursions are available from Sali. We chose a local agency in Sali ( which had an offer for a day excursion of Kornati islands with the boat and included lunch on one of the islands. They are using a fishing boat which is very comfortable and the captain was a local fisherman with a lot of interesting story’s about the islands.

One of the stops on our day trip in Kornati was on the sandy Beach Lojena. It is located in the very nice and secluded cove on the island Levrnaka. On the sea bottom is a sand, so it had a beautiful light blue color. We approached the beach from the sea and when we came there we were alone. Perfect place and time for swimming, but after some time other tourist boats came and it was filled with people.

The most interesting island in the Kornati archipelago is Island Mana (two pictures above). From one side there are cliffs which can be seen from the seaside and on the top of the island there is a small “village”. Actually, it is not a real village, it was built for recording the movie (As the Sea Rages) in the 1950s.

One day excursion for exploring National Park Kornati definitely is not enough. There are so many small islands, coves and interesting stuff to explore. This one day trip gave me a little preview what Kornati can offer and I will be back there for sure.


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