For a long time, I wanted to go to some island in the Adriatic and spend a few days there. Most of the popular island is very crowded in the main season and as well in the postseason, but after some research, I found the Dugi otok or as it can be translated to Long island. This was mainly a vacation with my girlfriend, but I managed to take a few photographs. We were on the island for 13 days and we manage to visit most of the interesting places on the island few times like Veli rat, Sali, Telašćica, Veli žal, Brbinjšćica and we took a day trip around Kornati islands of which I will make another post.

The whole island is very subtle and calm. Since we were there in September there weren’t any crowds and the traffic was so light that we didn’t see any cars while driving from one to another side of the island in the early evening. People on the island are living very simple and steady life, mostly working as tourist workers or running a small family business like producing olive oil (which was very hard to find), milk and cheese.

One thing that I didn’t plan to photograph before coming to the island was Milky way, but as it turns out Dugi otok is a perfect spot for nightscape and star photography. The island is located far from the mainland and there are no any larger settlements nearby. The light pollution is minimal and there is a clear sight on the southwest where the center of the Milky Way is located in September.

The most iconic place on Dugi otok is Veli rat where the tallest lighthouse in Adriatic is located. This place is perfect for watching sunsets since it is the northerners place of the island. Also, it is a very photogenic place with a lot of opportunities to take great photos. I couldn’t resist this place, so this gallery you will see a few photographs with the lighthouse as the main subject in different light situations.

The church of the St. Pelegrin located in the Savar with the last light of the sun. It took me two days in the row to get the photograph I had in my mind and it was worth it.

The main reason why I choose to come on the Dugi otok was beach “Sakarun” which was praised as one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. When I came there I was a little bit disappointed because, except sandy entrance into the sea, there is not much to offer. There were a lot of people on the beach, even it was September, seagrass was all over the place and MOSQUITOES in the late afternoon were unbearable. Also, the parking near the beach is a little bit on the expensive side (10€) but it is possible to park on the main road and go by foot to the beach. I don’t know how it is in the middle of the season, but in September the main road was much more used for parking than actual parking.


One of the most visited places on the Dugi otok is National Park Telašcica. It is a natural bay on the southeastern side of the island and it is very popular with both sailors and other tourists from the mainland.

The most interesting part of the Park are steep rocks located on the west side of the Park and salt lake Mir (right on the picture above).


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