About me

My first touch with “photography” was in elementary school taking photos of people with whom I spent eight years of my life, before we move on into the life.

I’m an electrical engineer who fell in love with photography and nature!

Fast forward ten years, I was shooting weddings on a regular basis while I was finishing my college as an electrical engineer. At that time shooting weddings were my job, but true love was photographing landscapes, spending time outdoors and traveling.

If you have any questions about me or my work feel free to contact me.


In between shooting weddings and studying for a master degree I was making commercial photographs for numerous clients.

With Požega tourist board, I had a great collaboration on making promo book with other photographers.


Kutjevo is a local company which produces everything from bread to wine. We made together a set of photographs for new bakery.


Montis Aurea is home villas located in the heart of the Papuk national park. We have a long lasting cooperation. I was photographing their villas from the beginning as they started their business.


Zlatni Lug is a family business with restaurant, rooms and vine basement. It was a pleasure working with them on photographing every part of their business.


Josipović winery is a small family winery that produces sparkling wines. We collaborated on photographing wine bottles for a web shop.


Spin Valis is a local company with years of tradition in making high quality massive furniture. I was very honored to work with them as a photographer on a new product line.


Pismoreklam is family owned marketing agency. Together we produced new material for their web site and promo materials.