Hello! I’m Matej, a landscape photographer from Croatia.

If you are a nature lover, be my virtual travel buddy and enjoy nature through my landscape photos.

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Dugi otok

Most of the popular island is very crowded in the main season and as well in the postseason, but after some research, I found the Dugi otok or as it can be translated to Long island.

National Park Kornati

Although this was a short one-day trip to Kornati islands, there is much more to see on this secluded islands in the Adriatic sea.

In the land of Borat – NAAT!

Kazakhstan interested me a lot in Borat’s movie, but I couldn’t imagine that I will ever visit Kazakhstan, or even better, to live there for a year and three months.

In the land of Kazakhs

I think that I manage to break the image of Kazakhstan as a country of “Borat” and that…

All that shines is not gold

In the last part of Kazakhstan story lets explore some incredible dishes and a little bit less shiny party of life in Kazakhstan.

Autumn on the most beautiful mountain in Slavonia

The plan for this few days was go and check all the creaks which I thought had a good chance of having interesting spots. But since nothing in life happens as it was planned so this didn’t as well.

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